How to Remove Your Car Windshield Scratches in 4 Easy Steps?

As well as being unattractive, windshield scratches may leave you vulnerable to further harm. They’re also a headache to drive with, obstructing your vision of the road by gathering sunlight and wiper fluid. Repairing a scratch should be done as soon as you detect it.

It’s better to leave deep scratches to the specialists, but small scratches may be fixed at home. We’ve put together step-by-step instructions on how to patch up your windshield and keep it clear.

But first, let’s know how exactly your car windshield gets scratched.

How Does Your Car Windshield Get Scratches?

Scattered scuffs are relatively commonplace throughout the life span of an automobile. Your windshield can get scratched when driving daily and the following are some of the other major reasons for your car’s windshield getting scratched.

1. Use of a defective ice scraper

In chilly areas, your car’s exterior, especially the windshield, might get covered in ice. To get rid of the ice, there are ice scrapers, however, these eventually wear out and warp. To avoid scratching your windshield, you should avoid scraping at pressure spots. It is important to inspect your scraper before using it.

2. Being hit with rocks

Small flying pebbles are a typical occurrence on congested highways. They may get dislodged at high speeds if they become entangled in the treads of tires (particularly those of semi-trailer vehicles). Small pebbles that fall into your windshield and leave scratches may happen if you’re driving too closely behind another vehicle at the wrong time.

3. Using a rough cloth for cleaning

Dirty towels or cloths with coarse fibers might harm your windshield when you use them to wipe it down. The ideal cloths for cleaning are cotton or microfiber, and they should be cleaned with soap and water after each usage.

4. Failure to maintain the windshield wipers

As a result of their abrasive action, windshield wipers may leave scuff marks. A hardened rubber wiper blade may form if you don’t change your wipers often enough. If you rub this over your windshield, you’re sure to get a ding. Another way to produce scratches is to operate your wipers when they’re full of dirt or debris.

Now, that we know exactly how your car’s windshield gets scratches, let’s discuss how to repair them.

Step by Step Process on How to Repair Windshield Scratches

Here’s our 4 step instruction on repairing the scratches on the windshield.

Step #1: Check for the depth 

First, use your fingernail to examine the depth of the marks. They only work on little scratches that aren’t deep enough to grab your fingernails. Scratches that may be felt with your fingernail should be examined by a professional vehicle glass repair shop. 

Their tools and chemicals are more sophisticated, allowing them to deal with deeper scratches and cracks.

Step #2: Clean the scratch

Remove any debris that might interfere with the repair product’s adhesion to the glass before beginning the repair process. The scratched area should be thoroughly cleaned with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. 

Cleaning the whole glass is pointless at this time since you’ll likely acquire fingerprints and products on the glass when mending the damage.

Step #3: Apply the windshield scratch repair liquid

After carefully removing the debris, open the applicator’s head to apply resin to the scratch.

Apply a single sheet of curing strip to the crack and smooth it down with your fingers to remove any air bubbles.

Allow 20-30 minutes for the application to air dry outside in the sun.

Your scratch should have healed. Using the razor blade provided, you may remove any remaining dried resin. Repeat this procedure if necessary if the scratch still isn’t removed.

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Step 4: Clean the windshield

Wipe away any remaining repair substance and clean the window when it has been entirely repaired. This is a good opportunity to clean the whole window. The final product should be a piece of transparent glass with no blemishes.

If these treatments don’t work or your damages are more severe, you’ll need to have your vehicle’s glass restored by a specialist in the auto repair shop, but for minor scratches, the windshield scratch repair liquid works like magic.

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