5 Tips on Washing Your Car at Home Like a Pro

Having a clean car is the best feeling in the world. What’s the point of having an oil change done if you don’t have the time to clean it yourself? You don’t have to leave your house to wash your car!

Regular car washing protects and enhances your vehicle’s appearance if you use the proper methods and equipment. Maintaining the value and appearance of your vehicle may also be a benefit, as it can assist to hide small signs of wear and tear.

Here are a few of our favorite home car wash hacks.

1. Where to have your car washed

When the weather is nice, it’s easy to be tempted to wash your automobile. However, this is a classic error.

Professional detailers generally agree that washing your automobile in direct sunlight is a bad idea. Spots and swirl marks on your paintwork and glass may be caused by water, soap, and cleaning solutions drying too rapidly in the sun.

Try to wash your vehicle on an overcast day, with a spray bottle nearby, on a cold surface. If possible, try to find a level spot to park your vehicle so you have enough space to completely open your doors.

2. Wheels and tires cleaning

To begin, wash your car’s dirtiest parts, which are often its wheels.

Do not use the same pail of water to wash your wheels and tires, since this can distribute the filth to the paint.

When it comes to cleaning your wheels, make sure you have the proper tools and cleaning solution.

For all kinds of automobile wheels, water-based, non-abrasive tire cleaning chemicals are the safest and most effective option.

You may then apply your preferred cleaning products to your wheels. Let the solution sit for a few minutes, then use a tire brush to remove the dirt from your tires.

The next step is to hose off your wheels with cold, clean water to eliminate any remaining cleaning substance. After washing the wheels, wipe them down with a microfiber towel and let them air dry.

3. Clean the headlights

Don’t forget to clean your headlights. Plastic headlights that have been exposed to the sun and dirt over time will yellow, reducing their visibility and detracting from the image of a clean vehicle.

You may use a cleaning solution to clean your headlights, and then a damp towel to complete the job. Clean your headlights and apply a sealant to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays.

4. Clean the exterior

Your car’s exterior will be cleaner if you wash it. This will also assist to keep your car’s paint from becoming scratched anymore.

To eliminate bigger bits of dirt, wash each portion of the automobile one at a time. When washing your automobile, make sure to use soapy water from a fresh bucket.

You should use a watering can without an attachment to rinse off the soapy water after you’re done with it. This style of hose will enable water to flow from the top of the automobile to the bottom at low pressure.

A big microfiber towel or chamois may be used to dry down your vehicle before you go on. Before applying any wax or protective coating, make sure your automobile is dry.

5. Clean the glass and windows

Your car’s windows and glass will shine if you regularly clean them, and you won’t have to squint while driving.

The standard glass must be cleaned differently than colored glass. Instead of Windex, you should use a window cleaner that is specifically designed for automobile windows.

To prevent drips, spray the cleaning solution directly onto the glass surface and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. It’s also possible to do this for the inside of your automobile.

To make the process easier you can make use of a revolutionary retractable hose brush attachment tool.

It will give you the feeling of a professional car wash and also after effects will speak for themselves.

And lastly, when washing your windshields and windows, try to avoid parking in direct sunlight to prevent the cleaning solution from evaporating and leaving an unsightly residue or smear.

Follow the above tips on washing your car like a pro at home and reclaim the original glory of your car.

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